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Large Volume Electrolysis Chicago MTF, GRS, SRS

Large Volume Electrolysis Chicago

Here at Electrolysis 100% Permanent Hair Removal Chicago we developed a program that clears your complete facial hair “Large Volume Electrolysis”.

For almost every male-to-female transgendered person, the beard is the real project area for Electrolysis Hair Removal. Facial hair is among the more visible secondary sex characteristics, and getting rid often is a nightmare for trans women. It hurts, it’s expensive, it’s embarrassing, and it seemingly takes forever.

Long Treatment Electrolysis MTF facial hair removal treatments are available for the face, body, breast and genital areas for MTF pre-op and post-op Facial Feminization, GRS, SRS surgeries.

large volume electrolysis Chicago
Large Volume Electrolysis Chicago Benefits

Less time needed from start to finish.

It will considerably speed up the transition process.

Another advantage of the Long Treatment Electrolysis that you have to let your facial hair grow only once per clearing session instead of once every week for a normal 1-2 hour session.

We can inject Local Anesthesia (ledocaine) which will make it pain free, and will help us to speed up the treatment.

Treatment from two Electrolysis technicians working simultaneously to provide twice the clearing.

Our proprietary progressive epilation technique coupled with insulated probes delivers effectiveness and comfort.

Our tehnicians are trained and experienced in killing beard hairs of trans women.

All treatments are expertly performed by our team of licensed electrologists.

At Electrolysis 100% Permanent Hair Removal we are obsessed by 3 the most important things: no scarring and high killing rate and speed.

When to start facial Eelectrolysis?

Anyone who is planning to go full time and is even remotely considering the option of stealth is strongly advised to seek permanent facial hair removal as soon as possible in transition. For some transsexual women, it is the most time-consuming and expensive part of the entire process.

Should I be on hormones to start electrolysis?

Not necesary. Beard growth is driven by a genetic response of the hair follicles to the hormone called ‘androgen’. This response of the hair follicles is genetic, and sadly we cannot yet change the genetics of your hair. From our experience, unless the masculinization process is put to a halt early in puberty, or the individual naturally has sparse beard growth, extensive facial Electrolysis is usually necessary for trans women.

How long will it take to clear my facial hair? How many clearing sessions will I need?

This is probably the most frequently asked question, and one we can unfortunately not answer with certainty. There are many factors influencing the amount of sessions needed to clear an area, some of which are still unknown to us.

To fully clear your facial hair permanently it can take anything from 8 months up to 2 years in some cases. The number of sessions needed varies from 8 to 15 sessions. The number of hours needed varies from 90 to 300 hours.

But can you give me an estimate based on the average person? On average, if we do a complete clearing of the face every session, about 8 to 10 sessions will be needed to fully clear the face in 100-150 hours. If they adhere to a 6 weeks interval the average person will have her face cleared in about one year.

Those are averages, we cannot guarantee this will be your time frame.

This average is based on the average density of beard and lip and the average response rate to the treatment.

We have experienced that there are patients where the treatment is less effective, with more regrowth of stubborn hairs. It really varies greatly from person to person.

For the moment we can unfortunately not give any guarantee except the following: in the end we always win. We are working hard to analyze our results and investigate what causes the difference in effectiveness and what can be done about it.

If we notice after the first session we don’t have the desired killing result we will try different programs on different areas of the face. Some of these programs, like the blend programs, take at least 6 times more time. You have the risk during this second session that clearing cannot be completely finished, which is very distressing as you want to get rid of your facial hair as fast as possible. We fully realize this but still need to insist: in the end, once we found the correct program we will get you to the finish earlier.

We do a complete (partly non-permanent) clearing of the average beard and lip every 8-12 weeks (ideal to catch as much hairs in the growing phase as possible).

Approximately 60% of your hair follicles are active during the first clearing. Although all hairs will be cleared during the session, about 25-50% of the treated hairs will grow back, together with the 40% inactive hairs, you will have the impression between 75% and 90% grows back after the first session .

Your first sessions will account for the longest of all the clearings. Each follow up clearing will involve less time as there are progressively fewer hairs to be treated.

It is important to stick to the 8-12 weeks interval to have as many hairs in the visible stage as possible.

MOST (but not all) patients will lose their shadows permanently after the 4th clearing, as long as they adhere to the 8-12 week clearing interval.

Keep in mind!

When beginning your transition the most important thing to remember is that “nothing happens overnight”.  The permanent removal of facial hair is a time-consuming, but wonderfully worthwhile process, and you will need patience and commitment to achieve your desired results.

You also need to remember that Electrolysis requires ​a considerable financial investment. Make sure that you can afford to see the process through and not be disappointed.

For Long Treatment Electrolysis with Local Anesthesia please see our Packages bellow:

Facial Electrolysis
Facial Electrolysis

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