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What to Expect on The Day of the Treatment

  • If you wish, you may apply numbing agent 2 hours before treatment. Be sure your skin is clean and dry. Cover with Glad Press and Seal Saran Wrap, or plastic and tape down the edges so air will not deactivate the numbing agent. Apply another layer of the agent 1 hour before treatment. If you are applying on your face, please apply 2 hours before treatment and reapply every 30 minutes up to your treatment time. The reapplication is key for the numbing agent to absorb down to the bottom of the follicle.
  • You will always be treated in a clean and sanitized environment.
  • You will receive a new and sterile probe at the start of every appointment that will serve specifically for your health conditions, hair type, and pain threshold. Each probe will be discarded after the session.
  • Your electrologist may ask for your assistance with pulling and stretching your skin depending on the location of the treatment area and the elasticity of your skin. You may also be repositioned several times to help make the treatment area more accessible.
  • Try to get as comfortable as possible during your treatment.
  • Keep yourself distracted. Try meditation or engage in a conversation with your electrologist
  • Work as close to your pain threshold as possible to get the most effective treatment. You will also begin to build up a tolerance making future visits less uncomfortable.
  • You may be tempted to schedule longer appointments if you have a high pain threshold; however, it’s smart to keep appointment increments to 15-minutes or less for any single treatment area.

Redness, Swelling, Scabbing + Possible Bruising

  • The post-treatment sensation feels similar to a sunburn. Your electrologist will apply witch hazel & aloe vera at the end of your session. We may also perform an aftercare procedure called cataphoresis. This helps to soothe the skin, reduce swelling, and start the healing process.
  • Your skin may be inflamed and/or red following treatment. Typically, this will diminish within a couple of hours to 2 days depending on your skin and the length of the treatment session.
  • Following your treatment, we will explain your home-care procedure. You’ll need to keep the skin clean and well-hydrated.

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